Soulful Grace

08 Apr

Soulful Grace by Monica Stewart

A goddess on break?   Tired of the cares and worries of the world?

It struck me that perhaps this is a private moment of reflection, prayer, of gathering strength to face whatever may lie ahead.  She is obviously a strong woman, but I don’t get the sense that she is masculinized.  The graceful lines of her body and the drape of the cloth are very beautiful and feminine.  I like the seeming incongruities between posture and mood.  I can’t speak for men, but women feel so many emotions all at once, at least I do, and this picture captures much of my own conflicting thoughts and emotions lately, especially as I prepare for two more comprehensive exams.

How many women can relate to such a posture? – Hands in the hair, head bowed, trying to gather strength for whatever comes next…  So often, women pour so much of themselves into everyone else that they have little left for themselves.  It is difficult for us to demonstrate the same care, compassion, patience, and kindness that we offer others to ourselves. We are much harder on ourselves than everyone else. Speaking for myself, I rarely offer myself the time and space I need to struggle, grow, and learn.  I am so impatient with mistakes, confusion, and the sense that I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing, however I have begun my journey towards self-acceptance and peace.  With all of the adventures ahead of me, I think one of the greatest, most rewarding, and most difficult is the one that will take me into my own heart, to examine it, understand it, and work towards healing it.  I have already come so far along this road with the help of several wonderful people, but there is an unmeasured distance left to travel.

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