Thirsting for Words

08 May

It’s getting late, but I feel like writing.  Writing about something, anything – maybe something profound, maybe a short story, maybe the beginning of a novel, or maybe, if I’m feeling very brave, something personal.  So here I sit with this desire and yet feel I have nothing of value to say.  Why is that?  I spend hours each week talking with and counseling friends based on my experiences, thinking about stories I would write if I had time, questions I would love to explore, but when it comes time to write, the motivation is there, but the words dry up, leaving me thirsty for a means to express myself but without any way to quench it.  Nevertheless, I write still.  And that is victory in and of itself.  In time, the words will come again and will flow as a stream slips gracefully over pebbles.  Until then, I will continue to try different paths to find that stream, trusting that one of them will lead me to it.  And until then, I will remain grateful for the desire – for that, too, is a victory.

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