Vision worth capturing

22 May

I’m in the middle of taking notes on a source for my dissertation and was just struck by a vision I haven’t had in many many months. It was not a vision like that of an oracle or a prophet, just an image, an idea of what life as a scholar can be like, what I hope it will be like in the future. For just a brief moment and without consciously conjuring the image, I visualized myself in front of a warm fire on a winter evening, sipping tea, reading either for research or teaching, jotting down notes, and recalling with a smile the stimulating conversations I’d had earlier in the day on campus. That’s how I used to think about my time in grad school and what I hoped to create in the future as an academic. This past year has made it very difficult to attach any positive meanings to the idea of being a scholar, but this fleeting mental picture has given me renewed hope for the joy to be found in intellectual pursuits.

The picture above represents the mental picture I just described. Just for fun… here’s what winter reading at home actually looks like:

I’ll have several new blog posts up shortly on my recent adventures in the archives, the market in Aix-en-Provence, and Barcelona!


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